Milk+Sass® was created with your locks in mind

Busy lifestyle demands flexible on-the-go beauty tools and we have you covered -- the busy bees, the travelers and the fashionistas. We’re here to make your day smoother and convenient no matter where you are — And we’re starting with the world’s sweetest all-in-one portable hairbrush that makes a big impact so you can brush anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you are running late and you realize that you don’t have time to brush your hair or wear makeup. Well, we run where you run — Whether you are at the office, in your car, at the beach, at the gym or traveling, keep calm and toss a MACARON FOR HAIR® in your bag for quick touch-ups. Our cute hairbrush goes where you go and fits just about anywhere.

Milk + Sass® is an emerging beauty brand that believes in uniqueness and multi-functionality while also having fun with hair. We have a passion for superior quality, sustainability and for community.

Our products are made with your locks in mind: whether straight, curly, fine, thick, real, or synthetic.

We believe in:

• Ergonomic design

• Practical function

• Wholesome ingredients

• Responsible manufacturing

• Brightening the world with color     

.... and last, but definitely not least, having fun while we're at it.