Who is the MACARON FOR HAIR® for?

Calling all candy and couture lovers alike—the quirky design and quality manufacturing make the product suitable for busy women on the go, men, teens, and kids alike. This Travel all inclusive brush can be used at the office, at the gym, in the car, at the beach and while traveling. It is the perfect tool for quick touch-ups and travel needs. Plus it fits perfectly in any small bag and purse.

How do the bristles work to detangle hair?

The distinct radial bristles are placed at varying heights and widths to detangle hair quickly, painlessly, and without the breakage caused by other conventional brushes. Unlike other soft bristle detanglers, Milk+Sass' strategically sturdy bristles are able to effectively detangle any and every hair type, age, and texture, whether it is synthetic or natural, curly or straight, wet or dry.

What features separate the Macaron For Hair® from other hairbrushes on the market?

The removable full cover protects bristles from being bent, broken and dirtied inside your bag, while also offering a compact mirror for easy styling on the go. The ergonomically designed shape allows for optimum comfort and balance in any hand whether left or right, compared to other hairbrushes that are difficult to use in both hands. Every aspect of the brush is designed for comfort, ease and hair protection—not to mention it’s shaped like a delicious French macaron cookie with a velvety soft touch!

How to do you clean the Macaron brush?

Simply rinse the brush with shampoo and water, then allow brush to air dry.