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True Beauty knows no bounds...

Deep in the forests of Hawaii grows a sacred tree the natives call “The Tree of Renewal and Light.” Sometimes towering more than a ninety-feet tall, the tree is crowned with its light-colored leaves and white flowers, and in the early half of the year, it is dripping with the coveted Kukui nut. Cascading down in pearls of light silvery green, the nut conjures images of candlenuts found in faraway realms. However, beneath its fantastical shell sits a woody amber center from which real-life magic can be sourced… 

Used for centuries, Kukui Nut Oil has long been sought and praised as a beauty treatment and an emollient by the Hawaiian people. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, the oil of the tree lives up to its name: giving life…to dry, limp, and damaged hair. This little-known Kukui oil loosens tangles, conditions the scalp, promotes growth, reduces frizz, strengthens strands, improves hair elasticity, protects from UV rays and other environmental stressors, reduces breakage, and dramatically softens hair while adding shine.

Now, Milk + Sass® is proudly bringing this Kukui Nut oil to your tresses with its new Haircare. Formulated to enrich and restore the natural beauty of all hair types and textures, Milk + Sass’ haircare maximizes the effects of Kukui Nut oil with the additional smoothing and nourishing powers of Vitamin E, Flaxseeds and Green Tea. And, it’s all finished off with the heavenly scent of romantic French roses. May all of your hair fantasies come true.