7 Great Tips for Using Hair Oil

Whether you are working on strengthening chemically processed hair, or just looking to add some luxurious shine to your locks, adding a hair oil to your beauty routine can be a complete game-changer. Not only can oils like Aragon, Jojoba, and Kukui nut soften and moisturize the hair, they can also help to control frizz and protect from harsh UV rays and heat. Oil can be integrated into your routine in a variety of ways, so let's get into our 7 great tips for use!

1. Last Step for Styling

Some people are the type to treat their hair with 3-4 products while they style, and some are the type to not use products for varying reasons. No matter which person you are, adding oil into your style routine has proven benefits to bring your style to the next level. Oils and serums are a perfect way to seal your style with moisture and protection. Simply style your hair as usual, and then apply the oil from the middle of the strands down to the ends. This way, your styles look finished, polished, shiny, and they have a layer of protection for facing the rest of the world.

2. Work into Damp Hair for Deeper Treatment

Oils and serums have healing and strengthening properties that are more easily absorbed into the cuticle layer if they are applied when the hair is wet. Think of your hair like a sponge, when a sponge is damp it is much easier for it to absorb things than trying to use it dry. Adding a small amount of oil when your hair is damp will allow it to absorb and utilize the vitamins and all other benefits inside. It will also leave your hair feeling more moisturized after blowdrying, and if the serum has heat protecting qualities, applying it while damp ensures you’re reaping the benefits of that protection.

3. Mix into Your Favorite Deep Conditioner or Mask

Deep conditioning treatments and hair masks are formulated to bring your hair vitality, nutrition, and strength. Adding your favorite oil into a mask or deep treatment will only add to the benefits you get out of both products. So put on your favorite movie, pour a nice glass of wine, add a few drops of your favorite oil to a great mask and relax while essential oils and vitamins turn your hair into a shiny lux mane.

4. Make Your Own Hair Mask!

Masks and deep conditioning treatments can be a fun and quick self-care DIY and are a lovely way to incorporate the oil into your hair care routine. Some popular ingredients to use in DIY masks include eggs, yogurt, honey, whole milk, and banana. Ingredients with a higher sugar content deliver more moisture, and oilier ingredients help to keep hair sleek and shiny. When making a mask at home, simply choose your DIY ingredients, add a few drops of your favorite hair oil, and maybe a few drops of scented essential oil, but that step is totally optional. Since these masks include perishable ingredients, it's best to make each batch just enough for a single-use, but are gentle enough that you could use them up to twice a week.

5. Keep a Bottle in your Bag for Frizz Control

We’ve all been there, on a windy day out and you catch a glimpse of yourself in a passing mirror and your hair's all but a ball of frizz. Keeping a bottle of oil or serum in your bag keeps you ready for this scenario wherever you end up. Simply work a few drops on your fingertips from the mid strand down through the ends until the frizz is put back in its place. Oil helps save your styles on the go and keeps you in control of your frizz.

6. Make Sure to Take it Easy on the Root

No matter the number of benefits packed into an oil or a serum, it’s all for naught if you over-saturate the root and feel the need to shampoo more than usual as a result of the oil. When applying oil as a leave-in product, it is imperative, to begin with, the middle of your hair strand and work downward. The roots receive the moisture they need from the scalp, in natural oil known as sebum. Over saturating your roots with oil as a treatment will overload the scalp and make your hair appear dirty and greasy.

7. There is no Perfect Amount, Use Enough for your Hair Type

People with thin or fine hair are no stranger to the feeling of being weighed down by a product. With oil, it can be easy to use too much, so if you’re a first-time user it is better to air on the side of caution. Start with a very small amount, and only add more if necessary. Continue to add more oil until the wanted result is achieved; for example, if you are adding oil to control frizz only continue adding product until the frizz is relaxed. The more you use these products the easier it will be to know exactly how much you need for your hair without overdoing it.

Keep it Smooth and Shiny

Oil is a great and versatile tool to have in your hair care toolbox and can help with many problems like frizz and dryness. There are many ways to incorporate it into your beauty routine and keep your locks feeling smooth, and looking healthy.