No Crease Hair Ties - The Hair Accessory for Professionals

A busy lifestyle calls for accessories that make your life easier, and even something as small as your hair ties can affect the simplicity and efficiency of your day-to-day life. If you’re one to spend your mornings in the gym, and afternoons in the office, you are probably more than accustomed to the trusty ponytail, and their trusty sidekick- hair ties. Traditional rubber band hair ties cause headaches, can pull and damage your hair, and keep you trapped in the same gym time pony all day because of the deep creases they leave behind. If there was a hair tie that was gentler on your hair, without losing hold power and allowed you truly versatile styling, wouldn’t it change your routine for the better? Well, healthy, pain-free, no crease hair ties exist, and they will unlock a world of styling potential for a busy professional. 

From Home to the Gym, to the Office, With No Worries 

It can feel overwhelming and difficult to plan for an all day hairstyle that combines function with fashion, especially within the confines of an elastic band hair tie. When living a constantly on the go lifestyle, your hair should be free to change to fit the scenery without the fear of creases ruining the style. This new design of hair tie adds versatility to your style, allowing you to go from gym ponytail to boardroom waves with an easy removal and no tangles, creases or breakage. Made exclusively with smooth, eco friendly plastic, these hair ties give all the holding strength of a traditional hair tie, without the headache or strenuous and sometimes painful removal. It simply glides from the hair with a gentle pull, smoothly coming out whenever it's needed. These hair ties are especially life changing for those with thick hair who struggle to keep a trusty hair tie in one piece for a long period of time. Since they are made with plastic, they have strength and structure to be stretched and restretched time and time again.  

What Makes These Hair Ties so Different?

The strength and structure along with the ability to glide out of the hair and never leave a crease is thanks to the unique spiral coil design. Unlike elastic hair ties that are a flat circle, these hair ties are made into a continuous spiral coil, allowing them to be gentle on your hair without losing strength or hold. The spiral coil is also the reason why they will never leave a crease on your hair, the shape prevents the hair tie from squeezing all its tension directly in one place, and instead supports the style from all angles around the base. The result is a perfectly supported updo that doesn’t pull and leave you with a headache, breakage or tangles, and glides out smoothly. The strength of the plastic allows them to secure even the thickest of ponytails without breaking and leaving you in a mid-style emergency. They are durable and built to last, and can even be easily and quickly shrunk back to size if they seem stretched out after lots of use. Simply give them a quick bath in hot water, and your hair tie will be good as new. 

Form with Function

Not only are these coil hair ties perfect for on the go style versatility, they can add a little fun to your everyday styles. Using a pop of color in your ponytail can help it pop, or match your favorite outfits! It can add a flair of personality to an otherwise boring and run of the mill style. Not into a pop of color? No problem! They come in shades made to match your hair color, and even in clear to blend in entirely. No matter the vibe of your style, there is a perfect shade for your look. 

An Accessory that Works With Your Hair, Not Against it 

If you are going to put the time, money, and effort into taking care of your hair in other ways such as shampoos, conditioners and masks, styling products and trips to the salon, it only makes sense to ensure the accessories you are using aren't working to undo all of your care and hard work. Traditional elastic hair ties won’t damage your hair directly, but when they easily tangle while attempting to remove them, they can cause damage and breakage, often leading to frizzy and dry-looking hair. Plastic coil hair ties don’t cause tangles that lead to breakage and put less tension on your hair and scalp. They are a perfect combination of form and function, care and style hand in hand. 

Lose the Crease, Keep the Hold

One of the worst things about starting your day with an updo is the dreaded hair tie crease that literally puts a cramp in your style. No crease hair ties give you the freedom to rock a ponytail to the gym, and transition to flawless flowy locks at lunch with ease. Spiral coil hair ties may seem like a huge jump from a traditional elastic hair tie, but once you get your hands on them you will see the amazing similarities in hold and function, and that they make up for what elastic bands lack. Plastic coil hair ties are stronger and more durable, meaning you won’t need an emergency run to the drugstore for hair ties when your trusty go-to hair tie snaps mid-pony. They can handle even the thickest ponytails and buns, and can easily be snapped back into shape should they get a little too stretched. They are much more gentle on your hair and glide out easily when it's time to go from pony to waves, curls or even straight styles. Gone are the days of too tight ponytail headaches, and intimidatingly huge knots and tangles caused by hair ties that just don’t want to let go. Spiral coil hair ties are the accessory of true versatility, allowing you style freedom no matter what you have on your schedule.