Survival Tips For Living With Thick Hair

For those of us with thick and coarse hair, we know some beauty products are just not made for us. From tiny scrunchies to conditioners that feel like they've been cut with water, some products just don’t cut it. Thick hair often means needing extra moisture, and stronger, more flexible, and reliable accessories. Finding hair products and styling techniques that cooperate well with thick hair can feel like a trial and error nightmare. We’ve put together these tips, tricks, and hair hacks to ease your beauty search and make your routine easier.  

Gentle Detangling

Knots and tangles are the enemies of strong, smooth, healthy hair. Keeping tangles at bay can help prevent split ends and other damage to your lavish locks. When detangling on wet hair, always use a wide-tooth comb or a specific detangling brush over a traditional use brush. Hair is in its most fragile state when it is wet, and a brush that isn't specifically made for detangling could be too harsh and cause further breakage. The correct technique for detangling is to start at the ends, and gradually work your way up toward the root. This way, you aren’t ripping and struggling with knots down the entire length of the hair shaft. Rather, you are gently working knots out as you come to them, allowing them to be brushed out easily without ripping or damaging. For stylish detangling on the go, check out Macaron for Hair by Milk & Sass, the cutest compact detangling brush on the market.  

Ponytails With Confidence 

Thick haired people on average go through twice as many hair ties as those with thinner hair, especially those with active lifestyles. Finding a strong hair tie with a secure hold and high durability would be a game-changer for your pony routine, right? Sugar Twists by Milk & Sass are made from eco plastic in a spiral coil shape and are made to withstand even the thickest of ponytails. Taking all the hold and security of a traditional elastic hair tie, but leaving the weak, easily tangled and knotted material and headaches from being too tight. Plastic spiral hair ties can be stretched around any ponytail and dunked in cold water to return to their original size. They aren’t weakened by being stretched or getting wet, making them the perfect accessory to take to the gym or even the beach without the fear of compromising the durability. They hold hard and secure, and thanks to the smooth finish of the plastic, glide out easily and gently when the time comes. They eliminate post-ponytail knots and headaches and allow you to wear your updo with complete control and confidence. 

Tame the Frizz

Having thick hair doesn’t make you immune to frizz; in fact, in some cases, thicker hair is more prone to the damage that causes frizz in the first place. Frizz is born when the cuticle layer of hair is dry and damaged and is usually a sign that it needs more moisture and protein. Using nutrient-rich oils such as Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, and Kukui Nut is an all-natural way to heal the cuticle layer, add much-needed moisture, and stop frizz at the source. Adding serums to your beauty routine can also help protect hair from heat and ease detangling. Serums are compounds of multiple oils, mixed with vitamins and nutrients targeted at adding moisture and shine. Oils and serums are also very helpful in weighing down thick hair, helping keep the crazy volume in check while smoothing and protecting. For a sweet smoothing treat, Milk & Sass’ Drops For Hair Anti Frizz Serum is made with Kukui Nut Oil, derived from the Hawaiian islands and known for its moisturizing and heat protecting properties. Drops For Hair strengthens, protects, smooths, and shines.