Why Coil Hair Ties are Better For Your Hair

If you’re someone who takes great pride in taking care of your hair, chances are you’re always on the lookout for the newest and best products to keep your locks flowy, healthy, and shiny. From shampoos and leave-in conditioners to oils, serums, and heat protectants, there are a lot of variables to finding the best products for your hair type and condition, but have you ever given a second thought to the accessories you use? Using accessories that work for your hair instead of against is a game-changer in healthy maintenance, which is why if you haven’t heard of coil hair ties, you need to. 

What Makes Them Different?

Chances are, we all have the same picture in mind when we think of hair ties. The old-fashioned elastic bands covered in thread or fabric of your childhood and more than likely, still part of your life today. Spiral coiled hair ties take the best aspects of these traditional style hair ties and give them a much-needed update. The main difference in these hair ties is in the name, the coil. Made from eco plastic spiraled into a continuous coil, instead of a flat elastic band. There are so many benefits to these hair ties, from the longer-lasting materials they are made of, to being much more gentle on every hair type. Spiral hair ties tend to cost about the same on average as traditional elastic hair bands, and last at least twice as long! Let’s dive into some of the more specific benefits of switching up your hair ties for these amazing plastic coils. 

Durable and Gentle At The Same Time

There are a few drawbacks to traditional hair ties that we have all fallen victim to at one point or another, like brushing and gathering up the perfect ponytail only for your hair tie to snap mid-stretch. Or maybe you get home from the gym and your trusty elastic tie has tangled itself into your hair and created a knot that you contemplate cutting yourself free from. These kinds of painful situations can be completely avoided by using coil style hair ties! They are made to be stretched, reset, and stretched again without breaking or giving out, so you can tie your buns and pony’s with confidence, even with the thickest of hair types. If a coil tie seems to not snap back to its original size, just give it a bath in some cold water! It will shrink back and be just like new. The smooth finish of the plastic band means no more getting caught in your hair or creating unmanageable knots. The design of the coil plus the smooth feel of the finish allows for the tie to be gently removed by easily gliding out of your hair with one swift movement. The structure of the coil also allows for tightly held updos without the fear of the dreaded post-ponytail headache that comes with a full day of that style. They don’t pull like elastic bands do, skipping all the breakage and migraines, and giving you full ponytail confidence, keeping your hair and scalp happy and healthy.

A Better Style Overall

Another definite drawback to using a traditional elastic band is the noticeable and unavoidable crease it leaves when you remove it, making different styles throughout the day nearly impossible. If you are someone who lives life constantly on the go, you need versatility when it comes to how you can style your hair. A hair tie that can allow you to go from a perfect pony for your gym session, to gorgeously intact and on-trend waves will be a game-changer for your busy days, and a coil hair tie can give that to you. The spiral structure gives you a strong hold when you need it, and gentle removal with no crease or knots when you don’t.  

Let’s Review

Still not sure if you should ditch your elastic hair bands for a plastic coil style hair tie? Let’s look at all the facts and benefits altogether. 

  • Gentle- Smooth, eco-friendly plastic makes for an easy removal without pulling, causing headaches, or leaving your hair tangled and knotted. This gives them the advantage of not damaging or breaking your hair, while still giving a tight and secure hold.
  • Durable- Since they are made from pliable plastic, they can be stretched to hold even the thickest of ponytails, and return to their original shape afterward. They can also be given a cold water bath if they are having a hard time returning to their original shape, and make them as good as new. They are made to be stretched, turned, and used over and over without giving out, making them perfect for everyday use.
  • Style- The smooth finish on the coil will never leave a crease in your hair, without compromising on hold or quality. You can have perfect gym hair to perfect work hair, all by gently gliding the hair tie from your hair. 

Spiral coil hair ties are the upgrade your beauty routine needs and will help insure the health of your hair. They are an accessory that works with you, and not against you. Made with comfort and quality in mind, they combine a secure hold with easy removal, giving you the best of both worlds. Give them a try in almost any color, to either stand out and make a statement or blend right into your hair.